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"There is no greater joy or greater reward than to make a
fundamental difference in someone's life."

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(ah YO kah)
One who brings
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The meaning of Ayoka was claimed as an Indian word
meaning "joy" or "happiness beside shining waters",
but research shows that it is an African female name
meaning "one who brings & causes joy". It became a
Native American heritage where African & Cherokee
intermarried in the Carolinas

Joy is an essential spiritual practice growing out
of faith, grace, gratitude, hope, and love.  It is the
pure and simple delight in being alive.
Joy is our
elated response to feelings of happiness,
experiences of pleasure, and awareness of
abundance. It is also the deep satisfaction we
know when we are able to serve others and be
glad for their good fortune. When you are
experiencing sorrow and sadness, when the tears
are flowing, remember they can be stepping
stones to

The preservation of life is the true Joy!
Peace & Blessings,